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mancha pintura amarilla

Many memorable phrases have emerged from our participatory processes but two of them show our essence. The first one, in a collective attempt to define the word Culture, says that “Culture is a party to celebrate our identity”. The other one still thrills us: “We are the legacy that inhabit us”. A festive legacy of voices. A legacy of stories, messages, memories and silences.

Alchemy is related to the Sun and the gold and is the elevation of the process of a personal development and, extensively, of a collective one so all our projects pursue individual and community growth through collective literary creation, reading and imagination. Literature is an alchemical tool due to its genuinely transformative nature. For this reason, the solar eye, which is also the alchemical symbol of gold, represents our entity. Gold is the most valuable material for all the ancient cultures. We try to develop a golden, solar, critical and imaginative eye through a literary creation that helps us to design new worlds. SOM Editorial Colectiva was founded in Yucatán, the land of the Sun. The Sun is our main energy referent because it is the life‐giving star that illuminates the shadows, the cosmic eye that sees everything, the star that shines and prevents the government of the darkness. Beyond the Sun that lives in the sky there is an internal Sun inside every person with the desire to be illuminated and to illuminate. We want it to shine properly.

Our adventures take place both inside and outside México with the aim to internationalize the methodology of collective writing. Choose the action context of our Adventures. You can also learn about our program Aurum Storytelling, which is dedicated to personal and collective growth.

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