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With the collective writing methodology we defend 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( while we also promote the citizen duties in the conformation of our own culture, the conservation of collective memory, the rewriting of common narratives and the strengthening of regional identity. The defense of rights and the promotion of duties and responsibilities always implies the beginning of a committed path that has no end. Our path of action is called Sacbé because that is how the paths in Mayab (Yucatán Península) are known. We started our route in the Mayan world but we quickly crossed its borders.

In 2014 we obtained a mention in the México Lee Award and we won the second prize in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition organized by UNESCO and the Goi Peace Foundation. More than 250 youth projects from all over the world were competing. That year the Spanish Government awarded Joan Serra Montagut (founder of SOM Editorial Colectiva) with the National Youth Award in the category of Intercultural Communication.

In 2015 the Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Convenio Andrés Bello (IPANC‐CAB), based in Quito, awarded us with the first prize in the Knowledge for Citizenship Award‐Interculturality towards good educational practices (Premio Saberes para la ciudadanía‐Interculturalidad hacia buenas prácticas educativas) as the best intercultural educational practice in Latin America. The award was given at the Ministry of Education headquarters (Ecuador).

In 2016 the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (UNESCO MGIEP) selected us to be part of the Talking Across Generations (TAGe) within the framework of the UNESCO International Conference on Prevention of Extreme Violence through Education, held in New Delhi.

In 2017 we traveled to Riyadh to attend the Forum of NGOs linked to UNESCO under the topic of Youth and its social impact. There, the host foundation MiSK awarded us with other four projects through the MiSK Award of NGO Innovation on Youth Empowerment.

That same year we attended the 3rd Congress of Community Living Culture (Cultura Viva Comunitaria) in Quito participating in its Community Communication table. We were also invited to share our experiences at the Build Peace conference held at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá.

In 2018 we shared our journey with Carretica cuentera, a storytelling educational project in Costa Rica, through an exchange supported by the International Youth Organisation for Ibero‐America (OIJ), within the framework of Travesías Program. We created the methodology Collective stories for peace.

In 2019 we disseminated the methodology of collective writing in Cuba through Narrating the territory project, with the support of Casa de las Américas, that invited us to be involved in an itinerant tour along the island with other young Ibero‐American artists within the framework of the 3rd Casa Tomada workshop called Land and territory of though and young creation in the Americas. At the end of 2021 we carried out a closing tour of Proyecto Ja’ab in Guatemala and Chiapas (México) with the support of Caldes de Montbui Town Council visiting several projects.

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